Soft Skills

Technology is nothing without people who can enable it. Early in my career I realised that critical success factor for any engagement is people and their alignment. Project and people management are not to be learnt from books but from real communication with people at different levels, industries and geographies.

I’m happy that my past and present assignments are rich in cultural and geographic differences.


Information Security & Governance

During 2008 – 2010 I was lucky to join Deloitte’s Enterprise Risk Services Team and extend my knowledge into areas of Information Security and Governance. That was incredible time from discoveries I’ve made around importance of IT Governance for organizations. Back at that time every organization in the region needed help to bring IT into controllable and manageable domain.

I’ve covered long list of theoretical education around ITIL, COBIT, ISO 27000. Practical projects were incredibly interesting and notable like implementing COBIT standards for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, Internal Controls review for a large construction company, IT audit for various financial institutions.


Presentation Skills

It’s not only what we know or able to deliver, but also how we communicate with all the stakeholders. Our brain is a black-box for everyone until we put things in written with nice graphs and explanations around that. I’ve explicitly listed the Presentation Skills to underline the importance that I put around ability to communicate complex topics in simple human language.


Project Management

There are no successful projects without proper Project Management in place. My first acquaintance with PM started with the Waterfall model back in 2000. Over the decade under the pressure from real-life projects I’ve been trying different approaches to early prototype and minimise the project risks. To me PM is 20% (or maybe even less) of methodology and 80% of communication, collaboration and drive. That’s why I treat like every assignment at least for new people and new challenges that it will open. It’s like playing a Chess, the more experienced you are the more steps forward you can predict and react early.