Along my professional journey there were many interesting people and interesting business cases that were inspiring me to learn new technologies, master new skills and try to apply them in real life for the benefit of customers. Almost all of my career, with an exception of few years, I’ve been working for the professional services companies with extensive capabilities in business consulting, project management, technical expertise. I’m happy to note that never faced the time when I didn’t know where my next learning objective is heading.

I’ve tried to summarise my expertise in three key areas: Data Engineering, Data Science and Soft Skills.


Data Engineering

Engineering thinking is something that I was burn with. Every aspect or interest of mine from very beginning of my conscious life meant to be explainable with rules of science. Even human phycology became a topic that I was learning using engineering techniques of classification, case studies, ultimate goals.

I’ve started my engineering journey from high school fixing clocks on my free time and making some extra money for my needs, then to Applied Mathematics and Computer Science learning from the very bottom of processing in Assembler language.

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Data Science

Data Science is no different from fundamental science that requires dedication, collaboration with proper institutions and time for research. I differentiate two meanings of this term: Data Science as a Science, and Data Science as an empowerment of Big Data Engineering, Big Data Development to utilize scientific methods to achieve better business results.

It is hardly possible to find Big Data Developer or Engineer who has no idea about Data Science or who cannot develop classification, regression or any known scientific methods.

My personal involvement into Data Science was with the purpose to empower (or complement) Data Engineering to achieve business objectives.

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Soft Skills

Technology is nothing without people who can enable it. Early in my career I realised that critical success factor for any engagement is people and their alignment. Project and people management are not to be learnt from books but from real communications with people at different levels, industries and geographies.

I’m happy that my past and present assignments were plenty in diverse geographic and cultural experiences.

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