BI over Big Data

Next generation of BI tools emerge silently. Elastic Stack as a killer for traditional BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, MicroStrategy and others BI for Big Data is a challenging task even for proprietary vendors. Hadoop ecosystem, driven by open-source community, has strong toolset for Big Data ingestion, transformation, storage and processing. However BI cases were READ MORE

Dynamic Pricing for a Retail Grocery Chain

Dynamic pricing is a strategy on which retailers change the price of the product base on broader concept of price elasticity that includes product attributes, seasonality, competitive positioning, store formats and geography. Price is one of the most important factors for customer decision to purchase and the only factor directly affecting retail store profits. The goal READ MORE

Log Analytics and Infrastructure Metrics

A complete end-to-end solution to collect, store and analyse log data and Infrastructure Metrics using open-source technologies. Compliance with SOX, GDPR, PII and other requirements. Introduction The exponential growth of log files, increasing requirements to react on time, business needs to store, analyse and regulatory pressures (SOX, GDPR, PII, others) are among the key forces READ MORE