Dynamic Pricing for a Retail Grocery Chain

Dynamic pricing is a strategy on which retailers change the price of the product base on broader concept of price elasticity that includes product attributes, seasonality, competitive positioning, store formats and geography. Price is one of the most important factors for customer decision to purchase and the only factor directly affecting retail store profits. The goal READ MORE

Log Analytics and Infrastructure Metrics

Complete end-to-end solution to collect, store and analyse log data and Infrastructure Metrics using open-source technologies. Compliance with SOX, GDPR, PII and other requirements. Introduction Exponential growth of log files, increasing requirements to react on time, business needs to store, analyse and regulatory pressures (SOX, GDPR, PII, others) are among the key forces to search READ MORE

Preventive Accident Monitoring for a Feel of Trucks

Capturing and analyzing sensor data in real-time, finding and matching risk patterns Modern open-source technologies are just brilliant with their variety, functionality and ease of use. There are plenty of ways to build conceptually new business solutions for wining the competition or even taking the lead. From that perspective, one interesting solution class is a READ MORE


My name is Farid Gurbanov. I'm an experienced data engineer, entrepreneur, traveller and a loving father. My most notable achievements are:

  • Building a Security Data Lake that consumes 1 billion records per day,
  • Building a Dynamic Pricing for a Retailer who gained in profits extra 6.47%,
  • Leading a digital transformation program for a reputable financial organization,
  • And last but not least, enjoy being a loving husband, and a father of two for 16 years.

Please feel free to read through my Resume, Blog and Expertise sections or reach me out on my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fgurbanov/

Farid Gurbanov

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